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Peter Maternus was integral in the inception of the Badass, as he finetuned the kite into its final form. The Badass is a freestyler, with which both old-school, as well as New school tricks can be performed. It is a slow and easy flier, with great feedback through the lines and it loves those floaty moves. The SUL is like no other, and it will really open up the possibilities to your no/low wind flying.  This kite has a single piece lower spreader, and a system to replace the upper spreader, meaning there are no parts to lose when putting together or breaking down this kite. 

Recommended lines: 90lbs x 75ft or 100ft (UL)

Weight 200 grams

Windrange: 0-6

Frame: 4.5mm and 5.5mm

Badass SuperUltralight - Yellow - 2022 Clear out

Out of Stock
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