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Welcome to Level One Kites USA. From having first met on the kite field, to designing and building kites together, to the present; Level One Kites USA is based on a long-time friendship and professional relationship between Level One Owner Jens Frank and Paul de Bakker.

Paul was born and raised in the Netherlands, and moved to the USA in 2006.  After many travels, he landed in the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and is planning to never leave again.  


He is an engineer by trade, with over 20 years of experience as a kite designer, builder and performer.  He has 5 Dutch National Championships and 6 US National Championships as a Sport Kite flier and a National Championship as a kite builder.  His designs are flown all over the world by some of the best kite fliers around.  


Over the years, Paul has been expanding from designing strictly sport kites to include some of the most influential single line kites.  Paul is intending to continue to push the envelope in the coming years, as he has a number of new designs in the works, both sport kites as well as single line.

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